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Product Information and Data Sheet (R-AMFE)

The Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguishers (AMFE) series is produced in Germany (Made in Germany) in accordance to all applicable standards. At this point in time, there is no certification required to use the AMFE for fire protection in electrical devices or machines and there is no standard the AMFE can be certified for. However, the AMFE is made of components which carry the following certificates:

The detection device:The sprinkler bulbs are globally certified and carry relevant UL (VNIV2.EX4040), VDS (VdS 2344:2014-07, VdS 2160:2000-05),LPCB (LPCB 1039) and oTher certificates. The internal spring is manufactured based on EN 10270-3-1.4310 and DIN ISO 2859/1.

The pressure cylinder:indicating The compliance witd ADR/RID §, as well as ADR 2013, EN 13322-1:2003+A1:2006 (DEKRA-notified body for pressure equipment (2010/35/EU, 2008/68/EG), checked by Bureau Veritas SA – N° CDG-I-WEL 002-16-DEU.

The extinguishing agent: 3M™ NOVEC™ is a globally used ISO, NFPA, VdS (and oThers) approved, fire extinguishing agent (FK-5-1-12). Additionally, it complies witd The REACH requirements.

The overall system: The S- and R-AMFE are certified based on DIN EN 45545-2:2020- 2, Section 4.2h and ARGE-Guideline Part 2 i.c.w., ARGE-Guideline Part 1 for rail-guided vehicles as well as DIN EN 15004-2, DIN EN 61373, DIN EN 60068-2-1, DIN EN 60068- 2-2, DIN EN 60068-2-27, DIN EN-60068-2-30, DIN EN 50155, 2010/35/EU followed by Extinguishing capability tests executed by The independent MPA-Dresden.

The S-AMFE is shock tested based on DIN EN 60068-2-27:2010, and vibration and climate tested based on DIN EN 61373:2011 and EN 50155:2007. The S- and R-AMFE are carrying The CE marking. The AMFE line is RoHS conform (and conforms to The EU 2002/95/EC standard).

Using The AMFE for fire protection is easy, reliable and safe. Integrating The AMFE to enhance The fire safety of applications is neiTher prohibited, nor is it not allowed by any standard or guideline.

For more information and pricing, please contact Meister or your local autdorized Meister Distributor (see to find your local Autdorized AMFE Distributor).

Product Description

The R-AMFE line is an automatic miniature fire detection and suppression device with electric contacts working as an opening (normally closed) contact in case of activation. In addition to the thermal activation (by reaching an activation temperature), the R-AMFE can be intentionally activated by providing an activation current via the connectors. For details about the intended use, product sizing (suitable protected volumes) please refer to the latest product manual available from Meister. The R-AMFE product comprises of two individual units that need to be assembled prior to use:

The activation head is available in up to 7 different activation temperatures, while the agent cylinder is available in 6 different sizes
(pictures may differ slightly from current design)

Dimensions and Weights

AMFE head
witd cylinder
Metric [mm] Imperial [inch] Approximate weight
L D A L D A kg lbs
0 194,5 22,0 16 7,66 0,87 0,63 0,25 0,55
1 210,0 35,0 16 8.27 1.38 0.63 0.44 0,97
2 240,5 40,0 16 9,47 1,58 0,63 0,63 1,39
3 307,0 50,8 16 12,09 2,00 0,63 1,23 2,71
4 392,0 50,8 16, 15,44 2,00 0,63 1,70 3,75
5 438,0 60,3 16 17,25 2,38 0,63 2,70 5,96

A → 6,8mm industry grade flat-connector. The weight of the activation head is 78g.
The connection threading of the activation head to the cylinder is M11 (M19 wrench).

Extinguishing agent

The cylinder is filled with 3M™ NOVEC™ Engineered Fluid and compressed Nitrogen as propellant agent.
The amount of NOVEC per cylinder size is as listed in the table below:
  • Size 0 = 24ml
  • Size 1 = 72ml
  • Size 2 = 120ml
  • Size 3 = 241ml
  • Size 4 = 360ml
  • Size 5 = 603ml
The ~ 10% propellant gas Nitrogen (N2) is compressed to <60bar.

Holding brackets

Standard Application – normal vibration and shock robustness requirements
(Non-mobile applications, e.g. electrical cabinets, server racks, machines)

Part # Name for cylinder
Reccomended number
of brackets per cylinder
11025 AMFE mounting bracket set 0 1
11026 AMFE mounting bracket set 1 1
11027 AMFE mounting bracket set 2 1
11028 AMFE mounting bracket set 3&4 2
11029 AMFE mounting bracket set 5 2

Demanding Application – strong and permanent vibration, high shock robustness requirements
(Mobile applications, e.g. marine, rail, automotive or semi-mobile equipment and machinery)

Part # Name for cylinder
Reccomended number
of brackets per cylinder
11025 AMFE mounting bracket set 0 2
11026 AMFE mounting bracket set 1 2
11027 AMFE mounting bracket set 2 2
11028 AMFE mounting bracket set 3&4 3
11029 AMFE mounting bracket set 5 3

Part numbers and nomenclature

For a complete system, both, an activation head and also a cylinder is required.
Assembly is to be done in accordance with the instructions in the operating manual for the AMFE product series.

Activation heads for the 3 most common activation temperatures:

(‘SR’ indicates a metric threading for the NOVEC cylinders)

  • S-AMFE SR3 68°C # 11198
  • S-AMFE SR3 79°C # 11199
  • S-AMFE SR3 93°C # 11200
  • S-AMFE SR3 141°C # 11263

Extinguishing agent cylinders:

  • Cylinder with NOVEC 24ml Size 0 # 11100
  • Cylinder with NOVEC 72ml Size 1 # 11101
  • Cylinder with NOVEC 120ml Size 2 # 11102
  • Cylinder with NOVEC 241ml Size 3 # 11103
  • Cylinder with NOVEC 360ml Size 4 # 11104
  • Cylinder with NOVEC 603ml Size 5 # 11105

Electric Data

The S-AMFE can conduct an electric signal current when not initiated. Upon activation, this electric connection is interrupted permanently.

  • Normally closed contact
  • I signal max = 10mA
  • U signal = 0...24V (DV)
  • I activation = 1.000mA
  • T activation = < 5 sec @ activation = 1.000mA, U activation = 12V, T ~20°C/
  • U activation = 9...24V (DC)
  • R t = ~ 10 Ω

The monitoring signal current must not exceed 10mA to avoid unintentional activation of the R-AMFE.

The S-AMFE shall only be used with voltages lower than 60V DC (Usignal max = 24V DC). In accordance with product safety guideline 2001/95/EG a protection against human contact is not mandatory. If the signaling voltage connected to the S-AMFE is generated by a power transformer, the transformer must be designed based on EN 61558-2-6 (e.g. power transformer safety class III).


The R-AMFE is “Made-in-Germany”.
The R-AMFE is CE marked.
The R-AMFE is REACH/RoHS conform.